Hanging Basket Advice Hanging baskets are a great way of showing off your ideas and ours of your perfect basket.

There are many types of hanging baskets and plants available, whether you've been making baskets for years or its your first time we want you to enjoy them.

We are not going to try and change anyones methods, only give advice if your stuck.

Generally for us if it is a wire hanging basket we would put sphagnum moss around the sides of the basket and a small piece of plastic at the bottom to help keep a bit of moisture in the compost, fill the basket with compost either half way if putting plants like lobelia round the sides ,or fill to the top if just putting plants in the top.

Plant choice and colour choice is totally yours ,baskets are a fantastic way of showing your ideas off whether your sticking to one variety or blends of pinks or any colour theme you like.

Watering your hanging baskets is a big part too, whether you have automatic watering or are watering with a watering can, keep the basket moist, in hot weather watering twice a day may be needed and its also worth feeding your basket through the season, general feeds are available from garden centres and supermarkets. This will give you a longer lasting basket to be proud of.

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